West End Tavern


Our History

Prior to taking the name of "West End Tavern" the building was known as The Burnet House. According to the Findlay City Directory of 1889-1887, this name appeared under three categories: hotel, saloon and billiard parlor. A review of the directory showed listings of Mary Dates as a cook, Emma Emmons as a waitress and Alice Overmyer as a dining room girl.

Additional research showed The Burnet House as being the residence for at least five Findlay residents:

George Krouse, employed by Krouse Bros. who were listed as proprietors of The Burnet House

William Krouse, also employed by Krouse Bros.

Henry Miller, employed as a butcher

Samuel Benninger

August Tofante, a cigar manufacturer

In the city directory, in 1888, The Burnet House was only listed as a hotel-no longer being listed as a saloon or billiard parlor. In 1889-90, the directory shows a change in location at the northwest corner of Broad Ave. and Front St. The Burnet House appears to return to the West Main Cross location from 1891-92. In 1897-98, the location appears to change from a hotel to a boarding house, operated by George Krouse. Then, in 1902-03, we are back to being a hotel with Norman J. Steward at the proprietor.

The West End Tavern certainly went through many hands and many changes. In 1909, the city directory showed that The Burnet House was no longer listed, but it did show that this location became a restaurant, operated by George Krouse and his wife Della. However, the street guide showed the address to be vacant. In 1914, it appears the building returned to a hotel run by George and Della. And, at this time, it had a phone number, B668K.

In 1918, The Burnett House was still in the directory, but at this time is showed a resident to be William C. Krouse, who was also listed as Deputy Sheriff. In 1921, interesting changes took place. The directory for this year showed The Burnet House under hotels and restaurants, and the proprietor was listed as H.J. Rupright. He and his wife were also listed as proprietors of the "Oakdale Pool Room" at the same address. However, this same business was also listed with an address of 121 N. Main St. It appears that William and Della Krouse are out of the picture. IN 1923, The Burnet House still appeared at the current address, but the owner was listed as Mrs. Alice J. Rupright.

It appears that, in 1925, the building changed hands again, to be occupied by W. B. Green and A. M. Preston. Green was listed as the operator of the Buckeye Restaurant at 113 E. Sandusky St. Preston, whose wife was Eulalia, was a motorman. Then in 1927, the West End Tavern building was back to being a restaurant operated by Harry Rupright. In 1929, the building became his residence.

From restaurant to pool room to furniture store, in 1933-34, Edward J. Miller opened "Miller's New and Used Furniture." But in 1935, the location went back to being a restaurant, operated by Benjamin G. Warner. And in 1937, the location was taken over by Daniel McElligott and his wife Elizabeth. They operated it as a restaurant and changed the name to the "West End Tavern" in 1946. This was the year that Tom McElligott took the helm as manager. They owned and operated the tavern until 1985 when they sold it to Judy Zehender. Her family had owned Napoli's Pizza (another Findlay classic. She met and married Glen Shelton and they both owned it until it was sold to Larry Hershey.

Larry Hershey, the current owner,took possession in 1991 and he welcomes you to the West End Tavern.

This history was researched by Jerry Quinlan. Thanks, Jerry!